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Deep learning inference engines

I have been working a lot lately with different deep learning inference engines, integrating them into the FAST framework. Specifically I have been working with Google’s TensorFlow (with cuDNN acceleration), NVIDIA’s TensorRT and Intel’s...


Norges fylker og kommuner i GeoJSON format

Her finner du Norges fylke og kommunegrenser i GeoJSON format og EPSG:3857 projeksjon. Disse grensene er opprinnelig hentet fra Geonorge, Norges offisielle kart database. Grensekoordinatene fra Geonorge er bare tilgjengelig i UTM 33 projeksjon,... Larry Ewing and The GIMP 3

Fix NVIDIA driver 387 for Linux kernel 4.13+ on Ubuntu

Apparently, the current NVIDIA drivers (387) which comes with CUDA 9.1 doesn’t compile with the new Linux kernels (4.13+) on Ubuntu. The error report from DKMS will say something like: /var/lib/dkms/nvidia-387/387.26/build/nvidia-uvm/uvm8_va_block.c: In function ‘block_cpu_fault_locked’:...

Memory-mapped files using the boost library 12

Memory-mapped files using the boost library

The objective of memory mapping files is to increase I/O performance. Memory mapping a file creates a pointer to a segment in virtual memory and the actual loading is performed by the Operating System...